Current committee members

Here is a complete list of people currently sitting on our committees. Many contribute to our sound governance and management by giving us their time and expertise on a volunteer basis. The Dean and Chapter are deeply grateful for their support and guidance.

The Cathedral Council

The Council’s members are drawn from a wide variety of organisations, providing an important sounding board and source of expertise to the Dean and Chapter. Its role is to further and support the Cathedral’s spiritual, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical work. Its 14 members meet at least twice a year.

Chair: Miss Jean Ritchie QC
The Very Reverend James Atwell
Mr Alan Lovell DL
Surgeon Vice Admiral Anthony Revell CB
Mrs Annabelle Boyes
The Reverend Canon Dr Roland Riem, Vice-Dean and Canon Chancellor
The Reverend Canon Dr Ian Tomlinson
Lady Portal MBE DL (Louisa), High Sheriff of Hampshire
The Reverend Canon Jo Stoker
Mr Martin Rudd
Mr Paul Wing
Mr David Evans
The Reverend Dr Andrew Wood
Brigadier Alastair Bruce of Crionaich OBE ADC DL
Visitor: The Bishop of Winchester
Mr Stephen Adam (Minutes Secretary)

The College of Canons

The College of Canons brings together the experience and knowledge of ordained and lay clergy from the Cathedral and the Bishop’s office. It plays an important role in supporting the Cathedral’s mission and ministry in the wider Diocese of Winchester, and ensuring good governance. Its members meet three times a year.

The Bishop of Winchester, The Rt Rev’d Timothy Dakin

The Chapter of Winchester
The Dean of Winchester, The Very Reverend James Atwell
Vice-Dean and Canon Chancellor, The Reverend Canon Dr Roland Riem
Canon Precentor and Sacrist, The Reverend Canon Sue Wallace
Canon Principal, The Reverend Canon Mark Collinson
Receiver General and Canon Treasurer, Mrs Annabelle Boyes
The Lord Plant of Highfield
Mr George Medd
Ms Debbie Thrower

Bishop’s Staff
The Bishop of Basingstoke, The Right Reverend David Williams
The Bishop of Southampton, The Right Reverend Jonathan Frost
The Dean of Guernsey, The Very Reverend Timothy Barker
The Dean of Jersey, The Very Reverend Bob Key
The Archdeacon of Winchester, The Venerable Richard Brand
The Archdeacon of Bournemouth, The Venerable Dr Peter Rouch
Lay Canon Andrew Robinson (2012)
Archdeacon for Mission The Reverend Canon Dr Paul Moore (2014)

Canon Theologian
The Reverend Canon Dr Judith Maltby (2011)

Honorary Canons
The Reverend Canon Ian Tomlinson (2004)
The Reverend Canon Clive Hawkins (2005)
The Reverend Canon Jo Stoker (2008)
The Reverend Canon John Harkin (2009)
The Reverend Canon Gary Philbrick (2009)
The Reverend Canon Geoff Houghton (2011)
The Reverend Canon Dr Brian Rees (2011)
The Reverend Canon Dr Andrew Goddard (2012)
The Reverend Canon Steve Pittis (2013)
The Reverend Canon Peter Seal (2013)
The Reverend Canon Karen MacKinnon (2014)
The Reverend Canon Malcolm Jones (2014)
The Reverend Canon Phil Collins (2014)
The Reverend Canon Tim Sledge (2014)
The Right Reverend DOM Giles Hill OSB, Abbot of Alton (2015)
The Reverend Canon Howard Wright (2016)
The Reverend Canon Helen Griffiss (2016)
The Reverend Canon Dr Gregory Clifton-Smith (2016)
The Reverend Canon Andy McPherson (2016)
The Reverend Canon Peter Gilks (2016)

Ecumenical Canons
The Abbot of Fleury (2011)
The Reverend Canon Paul Townsend (2011)
The Reverend Dr Howard Mellor (2011)
The Reverend Canon Dr Andrew Wood (2016)
The Reverend Canon Billy Kennedy (2016)

Finance and Investment Advisory Committee

This committee gives the Dean and Chapter expert advice on all Cathedral money matters, including finances and investments. Its eight members include four members of Chapter and four experts in the field. It meets three times a year.

Chair: Mr Martin Reid
The Very Reverend James Atwell
Mr Edmund Byers
Mr John Pringle
Mrs Annabelle Boyes
The Reverend Canon Dr Roland Riem, Vice-Dean and Canon Chancellor
The Lord Poole
Mr Christiaan Beech (in attendance)

Fabric Advisory Committee

Maintaining the fabric of our buildings is a vital and ongoing task that requires specialist knowledge. This group of experts advises Chapter on conservation issues and any alterations to buildings. At a national level, they answer to the Cathedrals’ Fabric Commission for England, and liaise with English Heritage. Its members meet three times a year.

Chair: Professor Martin Biddle OBE
Vice Chair: Antony Feltham-King
Secretary: Peter Macfarlane
Mrs Annabelle Boyes
Mr Christopher Gordon
Mr John Spokes QC
Dr Barbara Yorke
Ms Zuleika Dobson
Michael Wheeler
The Reverend Canon Jeremy Davies
The Very Reverend James Atwell (in attendance)
Mr Ian Bartlett, Interim Grounds and Estates Manager (in attendance)
Nick Cox, Cathedral Architect (in attendance)
Dr John Crook, Cathedral Archaeologist (in attendance)
Mr Greg Hamilton, Project Manager Co-ordinator (in attendance)

Winchester Cathedral Enterprises Ltd (WCEL)

This trading company, which is wholly owned by Chapter, manages all our commercial activities, including retail, box office, catering and events. It covenants all its taxable profits to support the mission and ministry of the Cathedral. Its Board of Directors meets six times a year.

Chair: Mr Jonathan Durrant
Managing Director: Mrs Annabelle Boyes
Non Executive Director: Mr Stan Kaufman
Non Executive Director: Mr Rupert Ellwood
Non Executive Director: Mr Damien Carpanini
Company Secretary: Christiaan Beech
The Reverend Canon Dr Roland Riem, Vice-Dean and Canon Chancellor
Mr Bruce Winton (in attendance)
Ms Susan Gilmour (in attendance)
Ms Charlotte Barnaville (in attendance)
Mr Phillip Holroyd-Smith (in attendance)