Hare Ornaments

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Hare Ornaments at Winchester Cathedral

We supply a range of Hare Ornaments online at Winchester Cathedral Shop

Hare ornaments make elegant and original presents – and are particularly appropriate at Easter...

Hares feature in folklore and mythology around the world. In Anglo Saxon Britain, the hare was connected with Eostre, the pagan goddess, and is thought to be the origin of the Easter Bunny, much beloved of modern children and found in many Easter Day church services. Hares are also found in medieval churches, associated with Mary and sometimes the Holy Trinity.

Our hare ornaments are made from bronze and resin, and are the result of years of study by sculptor Paul Jenkins. He has perfectly captured their sense of movement and engaging expressions. With their traditional associations, these hare ornaments would make wonderful Easter presents.

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  • Wonderfully-detailed hare ornaments from Winchester Cathedral’s online shop – these figures are beautifully made by sculptor Paul Jenkins