Who does what

You can find out more about our clergy, lead staff and volunteers and how to contact them here.

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Chapter and Clergy

Role Name Telephone Email
The Dean The Very Rev’d Catherine Ogle 01962 857205 deans.pa@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Dean’s PA Gill Jarvis 01962 857205 deans.pa@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Vice-Dean and Canon Chancellor The Rev’d Canon Roland Riem 01962 857216 canons.pa@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Canon Precentor and Sacrist The Rev’d Canon Andy Trenier 01962 857212 andy.trenier@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Canon Principal The Rev’d Canon Mark Collinson 01962 710985 mark.collinson@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Lay Canon George Medd 01962 857200 george@medd.org.uk
Lay Canon Mark Byford 01962 857200 mark.byford@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Lay Canon Jane Hands 01962 857200 jane.hands@winchester-cathedral.org.uk



Role Name Telephone Email
Chief Operating Officer Alison Evans 01962 857207 alison.evans@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Chief Financial Officer Gary Carpenter 01962 857207 gary.carpenter@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Head of Finance Christiaan Beech 01962 857220 christiaan.beech@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Head of HR Sarah Clements 01962 857239 sarah.clements@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
HR Assistant Claire Reynolds 01962 857237 claire.reynolds@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Board Secretary Peter Macfarlane 01962 857209 peter.macfarlane@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Head of Operations Bruce Winton 01962 857208 bruce.winton@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Director of Fundraising and Winchester Cathedral Trust Zoe Seenan 01962 857241 zoe.seenan@winchester-cathedral.org.uk


Building and Treasures


Role Name Telephone Email
Head of Maintenance Mark Stewart 01962 857234 mark.stewart@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Custos (Head Virger) Daren Gibb 01962 857226 daren.gibb@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Project Management Co-ordinator Greg Hamilton 01962 857263 PMC@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Contracts Manager Jonathan Ryan 01962 857238 jonathan.ryan@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Archivist David Rymill 01962 846154 archives.enquiries@hants.gov.uk


Events, venues and exhibitions

Role Name Telephone Email
Enterprise Manager (including the Christmas Market and Ice Rink) Phillip Holroyd-Smith 01962 857256 phillip.holroyd-smith@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Visitor Experience Manager Charlotte Walker-Watts 01962 857 214 charlotte.walker-watts@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Catering and Refectory 01962 857 258 hospitalitywinchestercathedral@baxterstorey.com
Arts and Exhibitions Consultant Sophie Hacker sophie.hacker@winchester-cathedral.org.uk


Marketing and communications

Role Name Telephone Email
Head of Marketing and Communications Jennifer Mitchell 01962 857227 jennifer.mitchell@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
PR & Communications Manager Emma Jefferies 01962 857217 emma.jefferies@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Digital Marketing Executive Alex Toti 01962 857242 alex.toti@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Out of Hours Press Office    07968 549628
Marketing & Communications Office marketing@winchester-cathedral.org.uk


Music and liturgy

Role Name Telephone Email
Director of Music Andrew Lumsden 01962 857218 andrew.lumsden@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Assistant Director of Music George Castle 01962 857213 george.castle@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Assistant Organist Claudia Grinnell 01962 857249 Claudia.grinnell@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Choirs Officer Kate Downer 01962 857219 choirs@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Liturgy Clerk Lucy Hole 01962 857212  lucy.hole@winchester-cathedral.org.uk


Retail and Visitor Services

Role Name Telephone Email
Retail Shop Manager Svetlana Cochrane 01962 857250 svetlana.cochrane@winchester-cathedral.org.uk



Role Name Telephone Email
Director of Learning Emma Bourner 01962 857224 emma.bourner@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Learning Officer Aisha Al-Sadie 01962 857225 aisha.al-sadie@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Learning Adviser Professor Bill Lucas bill.lucas@winchester.ac.uk


Cathedral Friends, Diocesan Resource Room and Volunteers

Role Name Telephone Email
Director of the Friends Lucy Hutchin 01962 857244 lucy.hutchin@winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Volunteer Co-ordinator Sarah Williams 01962 857284 sarah.williams@winchester-cathedral.org.uk


Volunteer Section Heads

Our Volunteer Section Heads lead a wide range of specialised volunteer teams. To find out more about any of these teams, please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator (see above).

Role Name
Litter Pickers Section Head Sue Morgan
Tower Guides Section Head Jeff Steer
Wardrobe Team Section Head Andrea Hall
Flower Arrangers Section Head Helen McGarry
Guides Section Head Robert Little
Holy Dusters / Brass Band Section Head Margaret Braddock
Information Desk Section Head Brenda Fletcher
Calligraphers Section Head Phillip Johnson
Hospitality Team Section Head Carole Barrett
Bell Ringers Section Head Nick Bucknall
Cash Counters Section Head Peter Matthews
Kings and Scribes Exhibition Stewards Anne Lovett
Sidesmen’s Section Head Martin Lane
Welcoming Stewards Section Heads Brian Scott
Events Stewards Section Head Sheena Crawford-Moody
Broderers Section Head Anna Diamond
Visitors’ Chaplains Section Head Nick Fennemore
Concert Programme Sellers Sue Webb
Dean Garnier Garden Frances Carroll
Proof Readers Sue Price
Calligraphy Desk/Scribes Phillip Johnson
Family Welcome Susan Lindley
Deanery Bookstall Miranda Bennett

Action and Advisory Groups
Ways in which you can be involved in shaping the Cathedral’s future…

The Cathedral has five Action and Advisory Groups.  They came into being several years ago and comprise a mixture of members of the public and clergy people.  If you would be interested in joining one please do contact the Vice-Dean roland.riem@winchester-cathedral.org.uk. Details of each group may be found below.These groups were formed after a ‘Mission Audit’ conducted in the 1990s.  Each one represents the interests and the communities the Cathedral serves in a variety of ways.There are specific groups to advise Chapter on aspects of the Cathedral’s mission and ministry, for example, and to help to carry forward its work.  Each group has a lay Chair.
The ‘Mother Church’ Action and Advisory Group enhances ways in which Cathedral and the Diocese, of which it is a part, may work together more effectively.  Its strategic aims are to:
  • Ensure that the Diocese feels connected with the Cathedral and that the Cathedral adds value to parochial, sector and deanery life
  • Encourage the College of Canons in its ministry to and from the Cathedral
  • Develop an awareness and strengthening of ecumenical and interfaith partnerships regionally

Among the ways it has sought to do this in recently are to:

  • Invite all ministers new in post in the diocese to a tour of the Cathedral and Resource Room, followed by tea with Chapter and other members of the Cathedral community, and an opportunity to worship together at Choral Evensong
  • Host communications workshops for the region’s parish magazine editors and website managers to improve skills and foster appreciation of the rich and varied civic, cultural as well as spiritual life of the Cathedral

The Education and Spirituality Action and Advisory Group aims to help seekers and pilgrims by awakening faith, nurturing the human spirit and encouraging Christian discipleship.It seeks to put on a balanced and well-publicised programme of adult learning, in collaboration with the Diocese, and ecumenical, civic and educational partners in the region.The group supports the Cathedral’s purpose and mission through its history, architecture, art and symbolism by mounting a programme of arts and related events.Its third objective is to make the Cathedral accessible to all children and young people, as a building and as a living community, to help them grow in faith and understanding, supporting the work of the Director of Education.Recent developments centre on the Wessex Learning Centre which is fast becoming a valuable “learning hub”, widening the scope of events and attracting a body of accomplished speakers as a regular resource for activities.The group is always keen to involve the Cathedral community in its work.  The group comprises people with specific knowledge, specific skills and links with other bodies.

The Outreach Action and Advisory Group seeks to find fitting ways for the Cathedral community to implement ministry and mission, and communicate more widely the cathedral’s life and work.The group aims to build awareness of global and local issues, to monitor outward giving by reporting in the Cathedral Newsletter, and keeping “community information” updated on a Cathedral noticeboard for this purpose.The group aims to:

  • promote the Cathedral Community’s commitment to Christian fellowship, charitable concerns and outreach generally
  • Put on social events, such as a supper party with a local speaker to share information and expertise regarding charitable giving
  • demonstrate the Cathedral’s charitable involvement and encourage further participation within the Cathedral Community
  • profile Christian Aid week, One World Week and Fairtrade amongst other global organisations
  • publicise local charities and initiatives with which the Cathedral is linked
  • highlight a particular local charity each year

The Partners in Mission Action and Advisory Group sees partnership in mission lying at the heart of relationships within both the Anglican Communion and the wider church.Contact with six partner Cathedrals, spread throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, help to maintain that sense of belonging to a global community of faith.Most of Winchester’s connections have historic roots while some are much more recent.  All of them are featured on Tracey Sheppard’s engraved Millennium Glass screens at the entrance to the Cathedral’s Epiphany Chapel.The group’s aims are to strengthen and further develop the Cathedral’s links with its partner communities by

  • establishing and maintaining regular channels of communication
  • bringing to clergy attention the needs of partner communities
  • identifying opportunities for visits to and from partner communities
  • publicizing and communicating link activities to our Cathedral community and beyond

Monthly newsletters are sent by email and regular displays, centred on each partner, can be seen in the Cathedral.  The group has had exchange visits with four of the partner Cathedrals’ partner communities, learning about different Christian traditions as well as sharing faith, fellowship and establishing deep relationships.More information about each partner can be found on the Cathedral website under Worship and Music and then by selecting Christian Links.

The Music and Liturgy Action and Advisory Group has been formed comparatively recently and more news of its work will be posted shortly.