An ABC to Christianity

January 29, 2018

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Winchester Cathedral is to introduce a new initiative for discovering the Christian Faith. Entitled ABC – Absolutely Basic Christianity and running during Lent, the course is designed to meet the needs of a variety of participants, including those wishing to be baptised or confirmed at Easter and those wishing to explore or renew the foundations of faith. 

“The New Year offers an opportunity to consider a seasonal example of the sort of thing we may discuss.” says Canon Roly Riem, Chancellor and Vice-Dean of the Cathedral. “Through ABC we hope to explore the basic building blocks of faith for those who would call themselves beginners, seekers or enquirers at whatever stage in their pilgrimage. Please do join in the exploration.”

There are two house groups, one on Monday afternoon at 2pm in the Cathedral Office and the other in the evening at the Cathedral Curate’s house, 7.45 for 8pm as well as an interactive class on Tuesday at 7pm (also in the Cathedral Office) all starting the week beginning 19 February. To sign up, contact

And, as well as coming along to the meetings, there’s a chance to help the organisers prepare; they want to hear your questions about Christianity. Here’s a question to get you thinking: Religions cause divisions – why should we bother believing anything?

Why not join in the discussion by sending one or two big questions or concerns to