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January 27, 2021

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Latest update: A message from the Dean and the Chair of the Stewardship committee 

We are writing to express our very grateful thanks to all who have responded to the request to consider their regular giving to the Cathedral. The Coronavirus pandemic has created an enormous financial challenge to the Cathedral, at a time when there is both greater social hardship and greater need for the ministry of the church. The support of the congregation and community is vital to the life and work of the Cathedral. We are very encouraged by your generous response, at this difficult time. To date, 33 new people have joined the regular giving scheme and 22 have increased their regular offering, pledging an annual total of £15,735. So far, 28 donations have been made totalling £18,065. 


During the last year, the Coronavirus pandemic has swept the world and continues to affect each one of us in many different ways. As we face change and challenge, we have become more aware than ever of the vital significance of Christianity and the precious role of the Cathedral in looking to the future with faith, hope and love.

While we cannot be physically together right now, we can continue to stay present and supportive as our beautiful Cathedral quietly awaits our return. We invite you to reflect on the role that our Cathedral community has played during this turbulent time and how you may be able to give financial support so that more people may be served by its ministry.

Your support provides vital revenue for the maintenance and operation of the Cathedral and our excellent clergy who provide pastoral care and engage us in prayer, outreach and activism. This year, as well as reviewing your regular giving, we are also asking you to consider leaving a legacy or ‘in-memory’ gift to make a lasting difference – leaving a blessing to future generations and giving great encouragement to those who serve the Cathedral now.

Your past financial support has been crucial to the work of the Cathedral. Now, as we begin this year’s Stewardship campaign, we hope we can count on you again. Your increased support will allow us to continue to sustain and grow our ministry, extend our reach, carry out vital repairs and conservation and continue the many other activities that make the Cathedral such a vibrant place of worship, pilgrimage and living Christian heritage.

For more information, the 2021 Stewardship brochure is available to read here.

By giving a donation, whether it’s a one-off or regular gift, you are making a valuable contribution to the work of the Dean and Chapter. You can give securely online through the Just Giving page here. 

Alternatively, you can respond by post using the return form here.