Christian Aid Week 2020

  9 – 16 MAY

Love never fails – Coronavirus impacts all of us – But love unites us all.


As this virus spreads across the world, love rises up in response. People have already shown incredible kindness to your neighbours. Christian Aid encourages us also to reach out to our neighbours both near and far.

Love protects from storms, from drought, and now from coronavirus. it protects our global neighbours battling the spread of this illness with soap, clean water and medical supplies.

We are all encouraged to support this Christian Aid Week if we can, and reach out and protect more of our neighbours today.

Churches in the area are largely not having the traditional house-to-house collections this year and, of course, the normal fundraising activities cannot take place .

Dean Catherine has this to say.

“The Coronavirus is a common threat to each one of us.  Yet we know that the world’s poorest people are most vulnerable to the spread of the disease.  Please make a donation to the Christian Aid appeal this year, if you possibly can, and reach out a helping hand to keep brothers and sisters safe.”

There are still ways to be involved though; to pray and, of course, to donate if you can.

You can find out more about Christian Aid Week generally at this link.

The specific appeal for Coronavirus is here.