Kings and Scribes – the Birth of a Nation

Help us share Winchester Cathedral and its treasures with future generations

Winchester Cathedral has a special place in the history of the United Kingdom. From the time of Alfred the Great until after the Norman Conquest, Winchester was England’s capital and the Cathedral was its royal chapel. Much of England’s early history was based here and twelve English kings are believed to be buried here – meaning that Winchester can lay claim to being the first Royal Mausoleum.

The Cathedral has existed for nearly a thousand years and it would be easy to take its future for granted. We want our Cathedral to be a vibrant, living community, meeting the needs of today and tomorrow; a place where people will vividly experience the beauty of holiness. We need help to make this desire into a reality.

We have embarked on a major development programme – ‘Kings and Scribes—The Birth of a Nation -which has three aims:

  •  To help more people learn about the Cathedral and its history through a broader range of more enjoyable learning opportunities and updating and expanding the Cathedral’s educational facilities, including building a new Learning Centre.
  • To extend the ministry and mission of the Cathedral to many more people and transform the experience of visitors through creating new exhibitions which unlock the Cathedral’s hidden treasures.   Our stunning 12th Century illuminated Winchester Bible – which is in urgent need of conservation and better display – and the story of the contents of the Cathedral’s six mortuary chests, believed to contain the remains of pre-Conquest monarchs, will be at the centre of new exhibitions in the South Transept.
  • To preserve the Cathedral for generations to come by tackling the mounting need for conservation, maintenance and repair of the building’s fabric – the roof, vaults, windows, sound and lighting in particular.