Be a Chorister for a Day!

1st Feb 2020 10.00AM - 1st Feb 2020 5.30PM Event Type: Special Event

This free event is held twice each year, by the Cathedral and the College in turn. It is open to all boys in Years 3, 4 and 5 who love to sing – not just boys who want to join the choir.

Keen singers may use it as an opportunity to find out more about life as a Chorister, or Quirister, but the main aim of the event is to have fun singing together. Boys can join with the Cathedral Choir to sing the anthem at Evensong in the beautiful historic Cathedral, or perform in an informal concert with the Quiristers in the stunning Chapel at Winchester College, one of the oldest public schools in the country.

You could also take your son to hear (and ideally see) choristers singing with their choir. The best service would be choral Evensong, which is shorter and has more music sung by the choir. The service times for the Cathedral and the College are on their websites. There is another helpful website which will help you find a choral Evensong somewhere near you, if you are not in Winchester.

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Photo: Jim Pascoe

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