Fruitfulness on the Frontline: Education – Being a Messenger of the Gospel

Taylor Selwyn Room, Learning Centre

26th Jun 2017 7.30pm - 26th Jun 2017 9.30pm Event Type: Lecture

A new community building programme for professional people.

‚Äúfor most of us, evangelism is like a trip to the dentist‚Äôs: we know we are meant to go, and when we get there we know we are meant to open our mouths, but we are rather afraid that when we do, extremely unpleasant and painful things will happen to us.‚ÄĚ

Being able to share the gospel can come in many forms and in this lecture Jeff Williams will explore ways of doing so through prayer, and practical caring for parents, governors, staff, students  and pupils of schools, sharing truth and offering paths forward to those on your frontline.

Last in series.

On 6¬†March 2017 The Executive Director of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, Mark Greene, gave a lecture to launch a new Hampshire wide community building programme for professional people, called Fruitfulness on the Frontline. The aim of Fruitfulness on the Frontline is to develop and resource communities of professionals who connect their discipleship as Christians with the particular markets and industries in which they work. The workplace is often the ‚Äėfrontline‚Äô of faith, where our Christian values are sometimes challenged by the pressures of survival in the marketplace. Speakers in the series represent just a few industries/market sectors, however anyone who works in any market sector will be inspired by this series of gatherings, because the principles of applying Christian faith remain the same.

Jeff Williams is the Director of Education for the two Dioceses of Winchester & Portsmouth leading all of its work with schools, academies and Further & Higher education. He represents the Diocese at our Anglican Foundation University in Winchester on its Foundation Committee and is a Trustee at the University’s Multi Academies Trust. He is on the Regional Schools’ Commissioner’s sub-regional board and a Trustee at two Mixed Multi Academy Trusts. For 12 years prior to joining the Diocese, Jeff had a national role as  Head of the Department for Education’s Accreditation & Performance Unit in Whitehall. He was previously a secondary school Headteacher, and University Lecturer.


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