Professor Alister McGrath – On the Trinity

The Wessex Learning Centre, Inner Close

26th Jun 2018 7.00 PM - 26th Jun 2018 Event Type: Lecture

Many Christians, as well as many outside the church, find the doctrine of the trinity baffling. In this lecture, Prof McGrath will open up this area of Christian doctrine, exploring why Christians have found this way of thinking about God to be both helpful and important. Drawing on writers such as C.S Lewis and Dorothy L. Sayers, McGrath will develop approaches to the Trinity that are easy to grasp and help us understand exactly why the Christian Church has found the doctrine of the Trinity so rich and rewarding.

This is the first of five talks being delivered by Alister with the second taking place in October. Keep your eyes peeled for further information coming soon.

This event is now fully booked, but don't worry if you haven't got tickets. You can watch Alister's lecture live on Tuesday 26 June at 7.00pm:

Please note, we will not be streaming Alister's future lectures so if you would like to join us for Alister's talks on 2 October and 15 October please book your tickets via the Cathedral Box Office.

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