Professor Alister McGrath – ‘Science, Faith and God: Richard Dawkins VS C.S Lewis on the Meaning of Life’


2nd Oct 2018 7.00 PM - 2nd Oct 2018 Event Type: Lecture

This lecture will open up many of the issues about the relationship of science and faith, engaging with the works of Richard Dawkins and C.S. Lewis as issues are explored such as whether we can prove our core beliefs, and how religion and science interact and even enrich each other.

One of the most important topics to be dealt with in this lecture is the question of meaning. What is life all about? Professor Alister McGrath will argue that science may help us understand how our universe works. But we want answers to another and deeper question: what does it mean?

Professor Alister McGrath is Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University. His writings explore a wide range of topics, at both the popular and scholarly levels, including intellectual history, the relation of science and Christian faith, and the basic themes of Christian theology.

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