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A Reforming Imagination: Conversation Points for Today

The Taylor Selwyn Room, Inner Close, Winchester Cathedral

20th Sep 2017 7.00PM - 20th Sep 2017 Event Type: Lecture

A series of lectures which celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This third lecture is led by Dr Michael Jagessar and is entitled "A Reforming Imagination: Conversation Points for Today".

This talk will be held at the Taylor Selwyn Room in the Education Centre, Winchester Cathedral and tickets will be £5 per lecture or £16 for all four lectures that take place at the Cathedral. For more information please contact the Box Office, call on 01962 857 275 or book online.

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Sixteenth century Europe witnessed political, intellectual, cultural and religious upheaval that reshaped Europe (and what followed), setting in place structures, beliefs and values/ethos that would not only define the continent in the modern era, but also its missional and ecclesial exports to the ‘ends of the earth’. There is much that the European reformers challenged, troubled, questioned and changed. There is also much that it re-inscribed, shut-down and marginalised in its own effort to manage confessional positions, geo-politics and various alliances. I am interested in the impulses around the reforming imagination, the complexities and compromises of/by its deployment then and over the years, and both the relevance and challenges of a reforming habit for today. Should a reformer be nailing some theses today: what would these be? I shall be speaking as a minority within a minority ecclesial tradition that is supposed to be both uniting and reforming.

Michael Jagessar brings plenty experience to subversion and out-of-the-box discourse. He happens to be a minister of the United Reformed Church (UK), adding colour to the leadership and helping to reshape its global and intercultural ministries. In his teaching he has dabbled in ecumenical theology, interfaith studies, black and contextual theologies at the Queens Ecumenical Theological Foundation (Birmingham, UK) from 2002 to 2008; Liturgy and Worship and Practical theology at the Cambridge Theological Federation (2010-2014). To make some sense of the above you need to visit his webpage for more on him and his writings ( Michael is currently involved in a new project of the Council for World Mission (CWM), the Discern and Radical Engagement (DARE) annual Global Forum which engages with a selection of topics and concerns that disturb mainline biblical and theological scholarships. Michael is Caribbean wanderer at large.

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