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Return of the Peregrine

23rd Jun 2019 2.00PM and 3.30PM - 23rd Jun 2019 Event Type: Lecture

2.00pm and 3.30pm, Wessex Centre


Keith Betton, Chairman and County Recorder of the Hampshire Ornithological Society, is a birdwatcher, writer and broadcaster.  He has studied Peregrines for almost ten years and leads a team of enthusiasts who have helped them to return to Winchester and the rest of Hampshire. In a beautifully illustrated talk, he will explain how the world's fastest bird lives and thrives alongside us, and how for many years their very existence in the UK was on a knife-edge. Afterwards, he and a team of volunteers will look for where the Peregrines are perched and will use high-powered optical equipment to show them to attendees.

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Funds raised from this talk will go into maintaining the nesting site.

Photo by Richard Jacobs