Saturday Tours – 6 June

6th Jun 2020 10.30am - 6th Jun 2020 11.30am Event Type: Tour

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Hidden Places… Higher Spaces… From the Crypt to the Nave ... Our Cathedral's Wartime Legacy

On this tour we will visit three areas of the Cathedral and show you how our Cathedral was at the heart of every conflict in its history. We will learn what was happening there when wars took place, how we reacted, and how we remember our dead.

We will visit the ancient Crypt, the longest medieval nave in Europe and go up into the roof space with its 18 miles of wooden beams. What secrets do they hold? What wartime stories can they tell?  What legacy have they left to us?

You will go away refreshed, invigorated and with new enthusiasm for a city whose Cathedral embodies the best of times, the worst of times ...a beacon to mankind.

Please note this tour includes steep steps up into the roof space.


Just Williams
Learn about the many illustrious and or some cases lesser-known men called William who have played significant roles in the history of the cathedral.

Tours are free upon admission to the Cathedral but tickets must be booked through the Box Office. Available soon.