Winchester Festival – Canon Andrew White

The Wessex Centre, Cathedral Inner Close

9th Jul 2017 5.00pm - 9th Jul 2017 Event Type: Lecture

Canon Andrew White has spent two decades as a peace-maker, negotiating with tyrants and psychopaths. Something of a legend, he is a man of great charm and energy whose personal suffering has not deflected him from his internationally recognised relief and reconciliation work in Iraq and the Middle East. He has been involved in many hostage negotiations, playing a key role in ending the siege at the Church of Nativity in Jerusalem, and has been kidnapped himself. Crossing paths with numerous world leaders from George W Bush and Tony Blair to Yasser Arafat and Pope John Paul II, he also once invited Isil to dinner. Until recently he pastored one of the largest churches in Baghdad, where he is now the Emeritus Vicar.

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