#IfWallsCouldTalk Part 3: Mason’s Marks

April 27, 2018

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To celebrate our upcoming Stone Festival, we have been investigating some of the mysteries behind the stones of the cathedral and the stories they tell, to find out more about this incredible building.

The third part of the series looks at the fascinating insights into Mason’s marks past and present.

Hidden behind many of the stones that make up the cathedral are the marks of the masons who crafted them.  Also known as banker marks, they were used to identify the mason who had prepared the stone, and are still used by the masons working at Winchester Cathedral today. However, there is no way of identifying who these ancient marks belong to, meaning that the original masons who worked on the cathedral are a mystery lost to the ages.

But we do know what are current masons marks are. Current Stonemasons Alex, explains further…































If you are visiting the Stone Festival 2018 (15-17 June) why not ask the stonemasons what their marks are and maybe create your own?