Volunteer Roles

Bell Ringers
Our Bell Ringers meet each Wednesday evening for practice and on Sundays
for service ringing. They also ring on other occasions, such as weddings and
Ascension Day. A degree of experience is preferred, but tuition can be given.
Commitment – high. Wednesday evenings, Sunday mornings and
some Sunday afternoons.

Our Broderers design and create new textile pieces for the Cathedral and carry
out repairs to existing textiles and vestments. This requires skilled stitching and
embroidering techniques.
Commitment – Monday mornings.

Our Scribes serve the Cathedral through the use of calligraphic and artistic skills. They demonstrate their craft to visitors at the Calligraphy Desk, by providing a ‘while you wait’ calligraphy service, and they describe how documents were produced here in monastic times – and still are. Experience is necessary.
Commitment – rota basis and attending monthly meetings, ‘in-house’workshops.

Cash Counters
Our Cash Counters coordinate the collection and recording of cash donations to
the Cathedral with the help of cash-counting machines. New Counters who join
the existing rota are given training and are overseen until they can work unaided. No previous experience is necessary.
Commitment – 2-3 sessions per month (duration of each session
up to 2 hours).

Concert Programme Sellers
Our Programme Sellers support the Event Stewards. They arrive one hour before the start time and may stay for the event.
Commitment – individual availability, often evenings and weekends.

Deanery Bookstall/‘Cloisters’ Shop Assistants
Our Bookstall and Charity Shop Assistants help with the selling of donated items to raise funds for the Cathedral. It is a customer-based role, operating a till, taking money and possibly helping with stock, and an opportunity to meet visitors, often local people, as part of our outreach.
Commitment – rota basis.

Dean Garnier Gardeners
Our Dean Garnier Gardeners look after one of the hidden treasures of The Close. Enthusiastic volunteers work as a team to help and provide general maintenance throughout the year.
Commitment – individual availability.

Eucharist Readers
Our Eucharist Readers contribute to worship by reading from the Scriptures,
most often at the Sunday Eucharist. Confidence and clarity in public speaking
are important.
Commitment – rota basis.

Event Stewards/Concert Stewards
Our Stewards welcome people to the many concerts and events taking place
throughout the year in the Cathedral and The Close. An important part of the role is helping in the unlikely event of an evacuation.
Commitment – rota basis, often in the evenings and weekends.

Flower Arrangers
Our team of Flower Arrangers provide all the floral displays in the Cathedral
throughout the year. There is a rota for the displays and usually Arrangers are
‘on duty’ for one of the displays, on each occasion, for a calendar month. There is also the opportunity to arrange flowers for: special events, festivals, weddings and funerals. Experience of undertaking church flowers would be beneficial.
Commitment – rota basis.

Gardening Assistants
Our Gardening Assistants help Cathedral staff maintain the many green spaces
around The Close. The role includes various gardening duties throughout the year under the direction of the Head Gardener.
Commitment – Thursday mornings.

Our Guides welcome and offer tours to visitors from around the world and many different backgrounds. The experience visitors have on a tour can be one of the things they most remember and is therefore a crucial part of our Benedictine welcome. Guides undergo formal training and need to pass an assessment at the end of the course. They are DBS-checked, in line with safeguarding procedures.
Commitment – high: approximately 50 hours training over six months,
with a 2-hour training session every Monday morning, exam and practical
test; then a 2-hour session, twice weekly.

Holy Dusters and Brass Band
Our Holy Dusters and Brass Band help to keep the Cathedral looking its best by dusting pews, wooden chairs, monuments and polishing historic brass plaques.
Commitment – Friday mornings/flexible.

Hospitality Team
Our Hospitality Team supports various Cathedral events. The role includes
setting up, making and serving refreshments and then clearing away.
Commitment – rota basis, usually 2/3 times over a 4-month period.

Information Desk Helpers
Our Information Desk Helpers give visitors an opportunity to purchase guide books and other literature before leaving the Cathedral. Operating a till and handling money are part of this role.
Commitment – rota basis.

Kings and Scribes Exhibition Stewards
Our Kings and Scribes exhibition stewards welcome visitors to our spectacular new three-level exhibition experience in the South Transept, Kings and Scribes: The Birth of a Nation. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through 1,000 years of history and reveals some of the Cathedral’s greatest treasures, including all four volumes of the Winchester Bible. Kings and Scribes exhibition stewards will help to answer questions from visitors and provide an excellent visitor experience.
Commitment – rota basis.

Learning Centre Assistants
Our Learning Centre Assistants share the stories and treasures of the Cathedral
with children and young people through guided tours or workshops. All volunteers working with children are DBS-checked, in line with safeguarding procedures.
Commitment – flexible.

Proof Readers
Our Proof Readers provide valuable assistance to ensure that information is
accurate in the Cathedral’s orders of service, newsletters and web-based material.
Commitment – as and when required.

St Christophers
Our St Christophers bid the Cathedral’s visitors farewell at the exit, thanking them for their visit, collecting audio guides and directing them to the Visitors’ Centre.
Commitment – rota basis.

Our Servers assist at Cathedral services on Sundays and weekday festivals.
Their duties include carrying the processional cross and candles during processions and helping clergy to prepare the altar and administer Holy Communion.
Commitment – 1-2 duties per month, depending on availability
(duration of each session approximately 2 1/2 -3 hours).

Shop Assistants
Our Cathedral Shop Assistants serve customers souvenirs and gifts and are
an important ambassador to all visitors. This role includes operating a till,
handling cash, walking the shop floor, learning about the stock and providing
help and advice.
Commitment – 4-hour shifts.

Our Sidesmen, men or women, offer visitors and those coming to worship a warm Benedictine welcome and show them to their places.
Commitment – rota basis, including Saturdays, Sundays and evenings.

South Transept Stewards
Our South Transept Stewards will staff the new exhibitions opening in the
south transept in 2017.
Commitment – rota basis.

Sunday Morning Coffee Team
Our Morning Coffee Team serves refreshments after Sunday morning services.
The role includes setting up, serving and clearing away.
Commitment – rota basis.

Tower Guides and Assistants
Our Tower Guides and their Assistants lead tours into the tower and roof space.
Tours last approximately 90 minutes and are usually offered up to seven times a week. A level of fitness is required, as is being comfortable with heights and
confined spaces. Tower Guides and their Assistants are DBS-checked.
Commitment – individual availability.

Virgers Volunteers
Our Virger Volunteers support the team of Virgers, often providing an extra presence in the Cathedral at regular or special services. It can include leading the choir and members of the clergy, and some service preparation under supervision.
Commitment – individual availability.

Visitor Chaplains
Our Visitor Chaplains can be lay or ordained members of the Church. They provide a pastoral presence
and a listening ear for all who visit, whatever their belief or background. They also lead a moment of Christian prayer on the hour. DBS clearance is required prior to starting.

Visitor Intercessions Group
Our Visitor Intercessions Group meets monthly to pray through the written prayers left by visitors. These add to our weekly list of people who need ongoing prayer. This is done within a short act of worship and by taking place this shows a respect for all those who are being prayed for and those who have left prayer requests.
Commitment – monthly, Monday afternoon.

Wardrobe and Linen Team
Our Wardrobe and Linen Team, in order to keep the Cathedral choir looking their smartest, clean, launder, starch and press its robes. They also carry out repairs as required. Garments sometimes need to be packed for tours.
Commitment – rota basis, but home working is possible.

Welcoming Stewards
Our Welcoming Stewards, wearing a red gown and name badge, are often the
first person a visitor meets on entry to the Cathedral. Greeting visitors with a
Benedictine welcome is very important and requires sensitivity and sometimes
Commitment – rota basis, 1-hour weekly.