We are always happy to visit schools and to lead class or whole school assemblies. Themes offered include:

  • The Church Year- Christmas, Easter etc.
  • What is a Cathedral?
  • The Bible as a Holy Book.
  • Or a theme suggested by schools.

Please email Emma Bourner, our Director of Learning (emma.bourner@winchester-cathedral.org.uk), to discuss what you would like from our visit.

School Visits

We offer six dates through the academic year when we can visit schools for half or full days to explore a range of themes with individual classes or year groups. Examples of themes include:

  • KS2 – Saxons
  • KS2 – Build a Cathedral
  • KS3 – Church and State

For more information and to book please email Emma Bourner (emma.bourner@winchester-cathedral.org.uk) our Director of Learning.