Remembrance Poem by Lucy (aged 10)

November 2, 2018

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If you have visited the Cathedral shop recently you will have noticed a poem on display written by Lucy (10). Like many school children across the country, she has been learning about the importance of remembrance and in particular this commemorative centenary year.

So moved by the stories of our soldiers at war, she has written a beautiful poem we want to share with you all.

All day beneath the crying skies,
With mud under my aching feet,
Progress is taking us nowhere,
And all we want is a quiet night to sleep. 

Determinedly we march and stomp,
With guns held high in our hands,
Then when the time comes to shoot,
I lose my chance to get revenge.

The blood stains the sleeve of my clothes,
And leaves me crumpled in a heap,
Of nothingness and sorrow,
In a forever lasting sleep.

All day beneath the bright blue skies, 
With poppies under my comfy feet, 
Death has taken me to the clouds,
And an everlasting sleep.

Lucy (Aged 10)