Safeguarding: SCIE safeguarding audit

You will see our final report following our SCIE safeguarding audit in today’s newsletter.

Our SCIE safeguarding audit took place at the beginning of May rescheduled from May 2020.

This audit involved a number of people over the 3 days – not only members of Chapter and myself but also numerous members of the Cathedral staff team and our Diocesan Safeguarding Manager, Jackie Rowlands. Feedback on safeguarding at the Cathedral was also sought from around 800 people through an electronic survey.

We hope as you read the report that you will be as delighted as we are with the outcomes. Many of the areas for consideration were ones that we had shared with the audit team as development areas that we are already working on or had plans to work on.

Following this report, we have now created an action plan – this outlines how we look to consider their recommendations in the months ahead.

Both the final report and the action plan in due course will be available on our Cathedral safeguarding page and on the SCIE audit report page.