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King James Bible and other Editions

Bibles are equally one of the most prestigious items here at Winchester Cathedral. The King James Bible, arguably one of the most beautifully-written texts in the English language, is available in various editions in our online shop.

The King James Bible (also referred to as the KJV Bible or Authorised Bible) is an English translation of the Bible dating from 1611. As well as being the preferred text for many Church of England congregations, the KJV Bible is also noted for its wonderful flowing language, which has been influencing literature for centuries.  Winchester Cathedral’s gift shop has several different versions of Bibles which can be seen within this category and are available to purchase online.

For a deeper appreciation, read the King James Bible alongside other Books available in our online shop.

  • The King James Bible (or KJV Bible) is available in a variety of editions at Winchester Cathedral’s online shop, along with other religious texts