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Stunning Choral Music, performed and recorded within Winchester Cathedral, explore our range of CD’s available to buy online today. There are few things as moving as Choral Music performed in a medieval cathedral and this is why we offer our visitors the chance of listening to these classic pieces wherever they may be in the world. From Winchester to your home, our musicians and choir will out-stand those who listen through the performances.

We have a range of Choral Music CDs, many of them recorded in Winchester Cathedral itself where each note is enhanced by the matchless acoustics of the magnificent architecture. Performed by a variety of Winchester’s own musicians, our selection of Music CDs captures the beauty of choral music performed in its intended setting.

See also our Music Gifts page, and find out more about Winchester Cathedral and its musical history in the Winchester & Hampshire section. Our Choral Music is a representation of all who are involved with the Cathedral and pay homage to its history and background.

  • Be transported by wonderful Choral Music from Winchester Cathedral throughout the seasons - you can also enjoy engagingly gifts for music lovers.