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What is Children’s Church?

Children’s Church is an important part of our Sunday worship. Our leaders provide a fun and safe environment for children aged 4-11 to share in worship and learning.

When is Children’s Church?

It takes place on Sundays during Hampshire Schools term-time when we gather to celebrate Holy Communion (the Eucharist) usually at 11am.

June 9th, 16th, 23rd  (30th – 10am – this being Ordination Sunday Children’s Church will take place in the Learning Centre as normal, although for the whole of the service, with parents and guardians being asked to collect their children at the end.)
July 7th
July 14th – 10am (Children’s Church will be leading the Intercessions so there will not be a separate meeting in the Learning Centre).

How can my child take part in Children’s Church?

Bring your child to The Learning Centre (10A The Close) 10 minutes before the start of the service. After preliminary documents have been filled out, they will ask you to sign the register each week. The children will be brought back to the Cathedral in time to receive a blessing at the altar.

Can my children stay with me during worship?

Yes, absolutely. However, it can be difficult for children to remain engaged during long services. On Sundays we provide ‘Children’s Corner’, a child-friendly area in the north transept, with toys and activities, where parents can take their children and still feel part of the Cathedral services. A live audio and video link provides a connection to the service. Parents do need to accompany their children and remain with them at all times.

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