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Christian Links

Anglicanism is a global religion with over 77 million Anglicans worldwide, and we enjoy special historic links with several other Christian organisations across the world. The Diocese and the Dean and Chapter are most grateful for their continuing spiritual and practical friendship, hospitality and prayers.

L’Abbaye de Fleury at St Benoît sur Loire, France

Abbot: Father Etienne Ricaud. We’ve had special links with the Benedictine monastic community of the Abbaye St Benoît de Fleury, France for many years. Founded in the 7th century at the same time as our own Old Minster, the abbey went on to become an important centre of monastic life until it was destroyed during the French Revolution. Re-founded in 1944, it was formally twinned with Winchester Cathedral in the 1970s and is remembered in our prayers every day at Evensong. Visit the Abbaye St Benoît de Fleury website

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar)

Dean and Vicar: Reginald Bennett. When the new Diocese of Burma was set up in 1877 at the instigation of Winchester’s Bishop Browne, its first bishop came from the Winchester Diocese. In 1970 Burma formally became a province within the Anglican communion, with its base in Rangoon (Yangon), and in 1977 was officially linked with the Diocese of Winchester. The Cathedral is twinned with the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Rangoon. Remembered in our prayers weekly. Visit the Anglican Communion website

The Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Dean: Christopher Dalliston. For over 900 years the beautiful Cathedral Church of St Nicholas was Newcastle’s parish church. In 1882, it became the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, which stretches from Newcastle’s River Tyne up to the River Tweed on Scotland's Borders. In the 1980s a link was formally set up between the dioceses of Newcastle and Winchester and the two cathedrals were twinned. Remembered in our prayers weekly. Visit the St Nicholas Cathedral website

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity with St Swithun, Stavanger, Norway

Dean: Anne Lise Ådnøy. Our links with the Cathedral of Stavanger on Norway’s south-west coast date back to its foundation as a Christian church in 1125. A monk from Winchester Cathedral’s great Priory of St Swithun was Stavanger’s first bishop, and is said to have taken with him an arm bone of our miracle-working patron saint, St Swithun. Today, we continue to enjoy close contact with the community of Norway’s earliest cathedral. Remembered in our prayers weekly. Visit the Stavanger website

The Cathedral Church of St Paul, Namirembe, Uganda

Dean: Jonathan Kisawusi. In 1977, the Winchester Diocese established a special link with the Anglican Province of Uganda. Today, each of the deaneries in our diocese has a direct link with the Province. Their mother church is linked with Winchester Cathedral and is remembered in our prayers, weekly. Visit the Anglican Communion website

Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, Italy (known as The Duomo)

Provost: Monsignor Giancarlo Corti. The Duomo is twinned with Winchester Cathedral as an ecumenical partner. Our choir sing there from time to time. Their community is remembered in our prayers, weekly. Visit the Santa Maria del Fiore website