Our Worship

People have worshipped God on the ground where the Cathedral stands for fifteen centuries, as they continue to do today. You’ll find a warm welcome here, whether you join us for a service or just for a moment of quiet prayer and reflection.

What is worship?

The term worship comes from the Old English word for worth. It means setting a value on what lies beyond us, whatever form that takes.

God has been worshipped on this holy site continuously for centuries, from its beginnings as Old Minster, a small 7th-century Anglo-Saxon church at the heart of Wessex.

Every day of the year, we continue to raise our voices in prayer and song, and worship together with others through our daily services.

People from all over the world pray with us in their own private ways too, from lighting a candle and saying a silent prayer, to just sitting quietly in this great space that has been a vehicle for so many thoughts and emotions.

Part of what makes this a special place is this unbroken link between worshippers past and present.

What do Anglicans believe?

Our Anglican faith is rooted in a belief that all people have a capacity for worship. We embrace a wide range of belief and practice, and seek to value all people’s needs and accept their differences, whatever their background or beliefs.

We believe that all human beings have a need and capacity for worship, and this instinct lies deep at the core of our lives. Created by God in his own image, we can all feel his love in our own way.

We know that our great Cathedral has a special place in many people’s affections, as somewhere that uplifts hearts and lives. We view that as God’s gift.

In warmly welcoming you, we hope to become better pilgrims in our own journey towards Jesus Christ.

What kinds of services will I find at the Cathedral?

Today, the regular daily pattern of Morning Prayer, Holy Communion and Choral Evensong are the lifeblood of this great Cathedral. All are welcome, and there is no charge.

In this ancient and beautiful building, you’ll find a living tradition of faith. We draw on the words of the great 17th-century Book of Common Prayer, written in glorious English, for much of our choral worship. We also use the contemporary Common Worship, with its rich diversity, for Choral Eucharist and said services.

Our liturgy can be grand or simple, even experimental. We aim to respond to a wide range of needs and make all welcome.

We pray you will want to join us, and that this will be a place where you feel the deep comfort of God’s love, especially at times of joy and sadness in your life.

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