Join us as we journey to magical kingdoms this Christmas with music, puppetry and characters the whole family will love.

Taking place in the majestic nave of Winchester Cathedral, a play adaptation based on the original novel by E.T.A Hoffman. Experience the actors stepping off the stage to bring their performance to you!

It is Christmas Eve and Maria and her brother Frederick can hardly wait to tear open their presents. But an early gift from their Godfather of a beautiful, wooden Nutcracker soldier to Maria was hardly what she had expected.

Little does Maria know that this small wooden figure was once a real child, not much older than herself, turned to wood for daring to cross the evil Mouse-King. But just before midnight, when the magic of Christmas is strongest, Maria’s beloved Nutcracker comes to life in order to march into battle and fulfil a deadly mission!

Can Maria help the Nutcracker to defeat the horrid Mouse-King and break the curse once and for all?