Tuesday 19th October 2021

Open Chapter meetings are regularly held so that everyone in the Cathedral community has the opportunity to raise ideas, questions and any matters of concern with members of the Chapter, the Cathedral governing body.

At our October meeting, the risk of the spread of the Covid virus was the matter that provoked the main discussion. People wanted to talk about how they’re feeling and how the Cathedral is managing this challenging situation. The mood of the meeting was to continue with caution, mutual consideration, and kindness as we seek both the recovery of public gatherings and the ability to protect the vulnerable. Chapter agreed to continue careful messaging about keeping one another safe, encouraging masks where and when appropriate, and considerate behaviours and to monitor the local and national situation in order to respond appropriately, particularly in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The service of Sunday Choral Matins was welcomed back and its future discussed. Currently, as the Cathedral builds back, Choral Matins takes place once a month. An enquiry was also made about when we can resume singing the Lord’s Prayer and the answer was ‘soon’! Tremendous appreciation was expressed for the live-streaming of services and the camera work was discussed. It turns out that many of us love the way that the cameras can take us into the organ loft and that we appreciated seeing the organist’s feet playing the pedals. The return of coffee after the Sunday Eucharist was welcomed and its location in the North Transept discussed.

The brand new Cathedral website was welcomed and early glitches noted, particularly the need to update the ‘Who does what’ page. A request was made that new members of the Cathedral team including the architect and the archaeologist might be introduced, in person at Open Chapter, or by video on the website.

Open Chapter meetings are a very important way for Chapter to know what is of concern to the community and to hear a range of views. Chapter can also share developments and what is occupying our attention. Do please come to the next Open Chapter at 7pm, by Zoom, on Tuesday 15 February 2022.