Since February 2022, we have followed the journey of Winnie and William, the cathedral’s resident peregrine parents, as they successfully hatched, brooded and reared two healthy chicks. We are delighted to announce the young falcons, Elizabeth and George, have now left the nest and have begun their own independent lives outside of the cathedral grounds.

Keith Betton, who appeared on Spring Watch in 2021, reports peregrine numbers are steadily increasing and are doing better than ever. In his role as Chair & County Recorder at Hampshire Ornithological Society, Keith personally monitored 21 nests this year – a very healthy number compared to previous seasons, though this does mean more competition between the birds. Therefore, it is likely Winnie will remain in Winchester and possibly the cathedral, as she guards her territory as to not lose the site to another competing female. William may wander a bit further, though the pair did such a wonderful job raising their young, we do hope he returns to the cathedral again next year.

Within the next few months, Elizabeth and George may make the odd brief visit, however this is unlikely as the parents do not encourage this behaviour and strive for them to be as independent as possible. Sightings of them in other places is possible due to the ring tags fitted, however due to the large network of peregrines now in operation, a sighting of either of them could take years.

The nest cameras have now been switched off and will be turned back on in early 2023. Though we are sad to see them go, we wish them both the best of luck.