Join David Sinclair and Adrian Croft as they walk the St James' Way from Reading to Southampton, via Winchester Cathedral, from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th August 2022.

St James’ Way is a 70 mile route devised by members of the Confraternity of St James (CSJ), following a probable route taken by medieval pilgrims in Britain on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Over 3 days in August, David and Adrian are walking the way to raise funds to install a stone distance marker (a “mouteira” in Galician) and a St James cross monument along its route. These wayside structures will help establish and add to its sense as a Camino route in England, one that traverses beautiful English countryside with village pubs and churches in Berkshire and Hampshire.

The journey stretches from Reading to Southamptom and passes through Winchester Cathedral, the historic place of pilgrimage, on Sunday 7th at 8.15 am. You are of course welcome to join them at any point, for any length of time – please refer to the timetable shown in the gallery below.

By sponsoring the walk either through donation or completing your own sponsored walk you are sponsoring the painting of the St James cross monument.  An outline of the image has been sketched onto a canvas and divided into 200 squares – as seen in the image in the gallery below.  Each square requires a sponsor to complete its painting, giving you the chance to be one of the 200 that helps fund amazing landmarks to the St James’ Way.

David, a CSJ Thames Valley Regional Group member, has recently coordinated projects that waymarked the entire St James’ Way from Reading to Southampton and introduced pilgrim stamps to the pubs that line its route, to supplement those already found in many of the churches.  He met Adrian in May 2019 at the outset of the Camino Frances and invited his good friend to join this remarkable challenge and quest.

The sites of the St James cross monument and mouteira have yet to be determined. Progress and announcements about their installation, positioning and unveiling will be made through their webpage, here.

Please call or message David on 07792 824785 for more information.