On 17th October 2023, a former Dean of Winchester, Trevor Beeson died, aged 97.
The Very Reverend Trevor Beeson, who passed away at the age of 97, was a prominent figure in the Church of England, known for his progressive yet moderately conservative approach. Starting as a radical priest in northern England, he later became Canon of Westminster and chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons before serving as the Dean of Winchester.
Beeson was deeply committed to preserving the unity of the Church in the modern world, advocating for ecumenism, women priests, and unity with the Methodist Church.
Throughout his career, Beeson was an active writer, journalist, and author, contributing to various publications and books on liturgy and mission. He gained recognition as the ecclesiastical obituarist for The Daily Telegraph, where his vivid and often witty pen portraits of churchmen earned both respect and occasional exasperation from clerical readers. He also served as a religious programs adviser to London Weekend Television.
Despite his progressive views, Beeson maintained a traditional stance on biblical studies and liturgy, valuing well-led Choral Matins and Evensong. He continued his engagement with church matters even in retirement, and shared his views on the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Beeson leaves behind a legacy of thoughtful commentary and sharp observations on the Church’s evolving landscape. He is survived by his two daughters, Jean and Catherine.


The above is based on ‘ The Very Reverend Trevor Beeson, Dean of Winchester and veteran obituarist for the Telegraph – obituary’. Please click here to read it in full.